Overview of the Green Pages

Like the "Yellow Pages", this is the place to advertise all suppliers. Let everyone know "what" to find "where", in the cycad industry.

Overview of the Green Pages

Postby Louis on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:52 pm

Hi friends,

As per WillieBosch's proposal, we have added this section where you can add any information pertaining to trading. This does not necessarily have to be cycad-related!! Even if you sell a certain product, or know of a product worth mentioning, this is the place to promote it. You can even advertise your own business here.

I will consolidate all the information and create an index of all the products/services for easy access. It will become more clear as the list grows, so feel free to add anything you like, so we can start supporting our friends in their specific trades - or at least point each other in the right direction!! :)

You can also advertise here if you are a nursery, to tell everyone where they can buy their plants or gardening needs, or even if you have certain plants of your own that you will always have on a "for sale" list, eg.

I have about 10 Lanatus seedlings, of which I only want to keep 2 in the end, so if anyone is ever looking for Lanatus seedlings, you can contact me.

See? Maybe you can even put up a list of all your plants that will always be available. Just leave a note in your post here if you want me to edit it :)

Hope everyone understands :)

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