The Cycad Mall...........

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The Cycad Mall...........

Postby WillieBosch on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:15 am

Why not create a topic/page called "The Cycad Mall" where growers can advertise and members can share information regarding growers they buy from etc. It will be like a "YELLOW PAGES" where all the growers / sellers can advertise. It will be very useful as a member can then just browse through the growers details and contact them when looking for something in particular.

Just a though, USE IT, DON'T USE IT.......

The same can be done with a page/topic where all the members can advertise their trades like plumbers, doctors, IT guys etc and once you need something or someones expertise you can have a look there. Thus way the members will be supporting each other. This can be called something like "THE A-Z IN ASSISTANCE"

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