E. lehmannii trade of for E. paucidentatus

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Re: E. lehmannii trade of for E. paucidentatus

Postby PieterVi on Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:55 pm

Sorry, can't help with any big Pauci's. :cry: I only have a few 1 leaf seedlings. From what i can understand Pauci's turn out to be huge (e.g. lenght of leaves). Don't think many ppl have space for such large (mature) plants.

I'm a big fan of Lehmani's!!!!!!! I'm moving house soon and am going to try and get me hands on a few 10 - 15cm Lehmani's in the new year. I'll even take 10 if my finances will allow it (which i doubt very much).

You don't have a Pauci's? I germinated a handfull of them a couple of months ago and only recently planted them out in bags. They are only pushing their first leave now... if you want i can write you name on one of the bags. They should be stronger in the new year and you can collect.

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